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What is sea glass?

Jul 19,2023 | ni ni

Sea glass, also known as beach glass, is glass that has been weathered by the ocean and transformed into smooth, frosted fragments. It starts as discarded glass objects, such as bottles, jars, or glassware, that end up in bodies of water like rivers, lakes, or oceans. Over time, the glass undergoes a process called "tumbling," where the action of the water, sand, and rocks smooths and rounds the edges, creating its characteristic appearance.

The formation of sea glass typically takes several years, even decades, as the glass is repeatedly tumbled and abraded by the waves, sand, and rocks. During this process, the glass loses its original shine and clarity, becoming opaque and frosted. The glass can also acquire various colors, which are a result of the original glass composition and the chemical reactions it undergoes while submerged in water.

Sea glass is often found on beaches and shorelines, especially in areas where there has been a history of human activity and waste disposal near the ocean. Collecting sea glass has become a popular hobby for many people who enjoy beachcombing. The different shapes, sizes, and colors of sea glass make it visually appealing and desirable for crafting, jewelry making, and decorative purposes.